abacite test solutions

You may contact the Abacite sales office for the USA at the following:

RJI Technical Sales
2931 Ridge Road - Suite 101-157
Rockwall, Texas 75032

Phone: (469) 656-2022
Email: sales@ rjisales.com

About Us

Abacite Test Solutions was founded out of a desire to offer cost effective, calculated and practical solutions for companies testing or qualifying semiconductor and microelectronic devices.  

Abacite Test Solutions offers engineering services, such as burn-in system integration services, along with manufacturing state-of-the-art temperature ovens for reliability testing. 

Abacite products are offered in the USA directly and via RJI Technical Sales, a sales representative based in the Dallas, Texas area.  You amy find their contact information to the left on this page.  

Who We Are

Do you have any burn-in, HTOL or related equipment needs.  The Abacite is a source you need to connect with.  From initial concept to final hardware reality Abacite can provide you with the following. 

  • Consultative technical support and design services
  • Product specialization from oven to drivers to burn-in boards
  • Multiple vendor relationships via our family of supporting firms
  • Vendor partnerships to provide additional equipment and hardware as needed for your project
  • System integration services to use existing hardware in new ways to meet your needs

Working with Abacite Test Solutions, you are connected with a team of engineering specialists with the necessary skils to help you be successful.  A team focused on you, with a new concept designed to aid you in keeping costs low while meeting your company's requirements for reliability testing and device qualifications.  

What We Do

Abacite represents a new concept in cooperative engineering services and product manufacturing.   Through our OneBox Oven we offer integration and support to meet your needs for a cost effective and flexible oven environment for your device qualifications.  

Contact us at your convenience and see what we can do for you!