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OneBox Temperature Ovens are offered exclusively in the USA by RJI Technical Sales.

You may contact the Abacite sales office for the USA at the following:

RJI Technical Sales
2931 Ridge Road - Suite 101-157
Rockwall, Texas 75032

Phone: (469) 656-2022


Abacite Test Solutions presently offers the OneBox Temperature Oven.   These ovens are ideal for applications regarding semiconductor burn-in and reliability testing.  
OneBox Temperature Oven

The OneBox product is 

Abacite’s rack style burn-in oven offers the maximum flexibility for qualification laboratory use, reliability test- ing and other semiconductor related test development applications.

Size -This oven has been designed around a standard 19 inch rack environment providing for minimal equip- ment footprint saving valuable floor space. This small footprint makes it ideal for engineering or evaluation labs and NPI production space.

Operation - The oven is designed for simple and straightforward operation. It offers minimal complexity and maximum flexibility through the use of simple controls and optional computer controls.

Airflow - High volume fans provide for excellent airflow to maintain consistent, uniform flow for MIL STD 883 conditions. Automatic controls adjust for necessary heat removal during operation.

OneBox Temperature Oven Options

Abacite Test Solutions is focused on simple flexibility.   These ovens are built for customization and modification.   And at low cost.   Only when customization and modification is considered in the beginning can it be effectively accommodated in a product design.  

Some of the options that are possible are listed below.   However, we welcome customer input regarding other options of interest.  

Standard oven options:

  • Chart recorder
  • Nitrogen input feed for minimization of oxidation at high temperatures
  • Extended operating temperature (200C and above)
  • Computer controls or network management/monitoring

Additional options are available for those special applications:

  • Integration of non-standard card rack and burn-in board tooling
  • Customization of backplane and burn-in board interconnects
  • Integration of custom driver electronics or instrumentation packages

Please contact the sales office for additional details on any of these options.  

OneBox Temperature Oven Integration Services

Many customers have a large investment, built up over many years, in burn-in systems, driver boards, power supplies, and burn-in tooling (boards built for many specific device types over many years).   It would be nice to be able to accommodate these investments in a new and exciting way.   

The OneBox product was designed with this in mind.    It is a practical necessity, especially when considering the economic realities of this decade, for lab managers to find a way to reuse the equipment investment that is in place in their firm.  

Abacite offers a method to reuse and integrate these investments in to a new OneBox Temperature Oven.   We offer this service through our Oven Integration Services.